8 Years

Another year has past and I have no idea where it went. It has been a year of ending’s. Two family members and a much love pet passed away this year.

We as a family have had to negotiate death close to home for the first time since the kids are old enough to understand. And in this household it is always a bit more complicated than most. On each occasion Miranda and I were open and honest with Alec and Siannah. I could not be any prouder of them in the way they responded.

The passing of your father on Christmas day was sad. I believe it was his time to go. His quality of life wasn’t great and he fought a long and tough fight till the end.

However the timing was a bit surreal. I am going to go the glass half full thing here and say it was a awesome Christmas present to you. You final get to see you father again. I am sure you have plenty to catch up on.

All I ask is that you two gas baggers look down occasionally and make sure Alec is ok.

Alec is growing into a young man right before our eyes. He is is own person and lives his life his own way. This I am very proud of. He still frustrates Miranda and me with the inability to do the most basic of daily choirs. However he makes up for it in other ways.

I am still learning to be the best father that I can for him. We are in a lot of ways completely polar opposite to each other. I am having to learn to accept him as he is. He will never be the hands on fix anything practical type of person I am. I am learning to see and love his unique take on life and to not try and change him.

This year hasn’t all been about endings we did have some beginnings.

Miranda and I have entered a new phase in our relationship. Miranda ask me to marry her. I said yes, so we are engaged.

I never thought I would marry again. In fact I never really seen myself as un-married. It just you weren’t around any more. Miranda and I have spoke at length how we both feel about us becoming husband and wife. Just because we both love each other, this does not diminish our love for our respective late partners.

This official joining of us together also provides stability, love and meaning for our three children.

Another end and beginning is me I started a new job. It is only 10min drive to work or a 30 minute bike ride. Which is awesome. I am back working in a dealership again. It’s nice not to be stinking of garbage.

With a new year comes new challenges and adventures for Alec, myself and this family Miranda and I have built. Within this family are two people that are no longer around, but have a enormous influence in every decision Miranda and I make. You can be assured we will do what is best for our children.

I miss you just as much now as I did 8 years ago. Love Loves PeterOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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