5 Years

It has been five years since we lost a amazing mother, a loving wife and a beautiful intelligent woman. It’s been a long and at times difficult five years and I don’t think there is a day I haven’t thought about you. I feel my memories of you are fading away as time marchers on and new memories take over. You go though the pain of never seeing or embracing a loved one again. Then slowly your memories are also lost. Is that the way it’s meant to work?

Alec and I have had a busy year. With a milestone, a addition of a new member to our unique family and a big decision made.

Alec finished his first year of school. After a rocky start everything just clicked for him. His reading is amazing and overtook his class mates with his site words. Finishing all 200 before the year was finished. You would be so proud.

Alec is generally well behaved, however he is at that age now that he likes to push the boundaries. He also has a bit of cheek about him, which he displays at the worst possible times. Like when he is getting in trouble. I think we are both to blame for his cheeky behaviour. Luckily Miranda has more patience than I do.

Having a family unit is really good for Alec. As he matures his own personality is moulded and strengthen with the rough and tumble of family life. Something that I could never of provided on my own.

I am a father to a amazing little girl. She is now 9 months old. We are a family of five now, 7 if you include the dogs. Both older kids love the new member of our family and she brings joy to household with her big personality and easy going nature.

I made the big decision to sell our house. There were many reasons for the sale. The moving on process is one reason, I never envision myself living in it ever again. I also had too much attachment to the house and I found it hard having strangers living in it.

I was a bit emotional the last time I visited the house. It was a mixture of feelings. I wasn’t sad to sell it, in fact I think it was a relief.

The house was a big part of lives together. We brought it together, renovated it together and it was our home for our little family. I couldn’t help think what could of been if events hadn’t gone the way they did. We were meant to raise a family and grow old in that house. There is no chance of that now. And hasn’t been for 5 years.

This coming year is going to be a another busy one. As we move forward and build a life as a family I see the future again and the future looks bright. The sadness of losing you will never go away. But the joy in my heart that I get from the family Miranda and I have built from the ashes of the past overcomes that sadness. Maybe, thats how it’s meant to work.

Love Loves Peter



2 thoughts on “5 Years

  1. Linda Fagg

    Beautiful words Pete. Have been thinking of you all today. So Alec is a normal little boy by what you write, and he now has two sisters to love. That’s pretty wonderful.



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