A Boys Weekend


The mid year school holidays are here and that means trying to keep the kids entertained for two weeks.

I thought it would be good to do a small camping trip. Unfortunately Hayden is not old enough to go camping. A little too cold for a 10 week old this time of year. So it was decided my self and the two older kids would do a weekend away. But that plan changed when Siannah decided she would rather stay at home with mum and Hayden. So I invited a mate and his son and made it a boys weekend camping trip. Mick and his son Lennox, Alec and myself couldn’t wait to have a weekend away from those pesky woman.

We decided to go down to Levuka 4×4 Park a place that Mick and I have been many times before.

Arriving Saturday afternoon the weather wasn’t the best. With light showers at regular intervals we only got to see blue sky briefly between the clouds as they rolled over our camp spot. After setting up camp and getting a fire going, We settling in for the night hoping we would wake up to better weather in the morning.


All set up for the weekend.


Hamburgers for dinner. Nothing flash but it filled our belly’s.


The property’s owners dog decided to spend the night with us.


Not a bad fire considering everything was wet.

The next morning we woke up to the same weather as the previous day. We didn’t let this dampen our mood or our spirit for fun and adventure.

The first activity of the day was a small bit of four wheel driving. We aired down tyres, locked the hubs and went for a muddy drive around the park.

Well once everyone had finished playing with our new found friend. It spent the night sleeping in one of our camp chairs.IMG_1655IMG_1656



Tackling the rainforest track.


Then a small water crossing.



And to finish off with some really slippery mud.

We stopped at a lookout and had some morning tea while admiring the view of the surrounding county side, before heading back to camp.



Now thats a good looking bunch of blokes. 

Once back at camp the activity’s and fun continued, and so did the showers. Mick and I spent a lot of the time trying to keep the kids warm and dry. Between the showers the kids enjoyed playing outside, but it was often hard getting them back under cover when the rain returned.

The afternoon was spent riding bikes and playing with remote controlled cars.


It was a hard walk up the hill.


Lots of fun riding down the hill.


Alec having fun making ramps for the R/C cars out of our firewood.


As the day quickly drew to a close we set about getting the fire going and something ready for dinner. Dinner was Mick’s job. I organised dinner the first night.

A fire for the night proved to be difficult to start. Everything was wet and we had run out of fire lighters. But being rugged out door men we got it going. Our methods probably shouldn’t be discussed in a open blog post.

As night settled in we ate lamb stew around the fire and had roasted marsh mellows for dessert. A good way to finish a fun day.


The following morning we slowly packed up camp and made our way home. We had only just started to relax. Maybe next time we will make it a longer trip.


With the camper hooked up we are ready to head home. Muddier than when we arrived.

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