Our First Family Holiday.

Christmas time means holidays and holidays means family road trips. As a family we just completed our first holiday road trip, and we didn’t do it by halves.


We’ve been on a couple of weekend camping trips together. As well as a short trip down to Newcastle, which we flew. This was our first proper holiday. A total of 6 nights, 5 of those sleeping in the camper trailer. Add to this a 800 kilometre drive to get to our destination. Done in one day.

Our destination Newcastle. Miranda grew up in this former steel city and was keen to show off  her home town and also catch up with family.

We prepared for the big drive with plenty of snacks to feed the worms and half a car full of toys and activities to keep them occupied. The kids not the worms that is.

We set off early. Carrying the kids from their beds into the car, trying not wake them.


Loaded up and on our way.

We made good time. Stopping regularly for toilet breaks and to stretch our legs. Generally the kids were good. Alec is use to be in the car for long periods of time. While Siannah says she “would rather fly next time as it takes sooooo long.”

To make life easier we stayed at Miranda’s parent’s place the first night. This saved having to set the camper up after such a long day in the car. We spent the night and the following morning catching up with family. After lunch we headed off to our camp for the week.

Our camp spot was south of Newcastle on the banks of Lake Macquarie. I don’t know much about the area but a reckon we got the best camp spot.


Getting some help setting up the camper.


The view from our camp site.


Play count the swans.


Sunset over the water. Could you ask for anything more.

The following day we had a rest day. Tested the swimming pool and had a bike ride.


Our first bike ride for the holiday. The kids were fascinated by the pelicans hanging around the local fisherman looking for an easy feed.

The following day we went on a little four-wheel drive adventure. Beach driving on the famous Stockton beach.fullsizeoutput_138b

Stockton beach and the Worimi Conservation lands, is a 32 km stretch of beach and coastal dune area north of Newcastle. With a permit you can drive the beach and some of the dunes. A lot of the dunes have been closed off to vehicle traffic in recent years. However a large section on the southern end has been set aside so the big kids can have a play in the sand.


On top of one of the large dunes.



The dunes are always on the move.


Driving on the beach was hard work. The sand was very soft.


This group of sheds is known as Tin city. They have an interesting history, including being part of the Mad Max movie. Tin City History


We stopped on the beach and set up the awning for some beach fun.

After we got off the beach we decided to head over to Nelson bay. We had afternoon tea at one of the trendy cafe’s at the harbour and had a small explore. As we were leaving I spotted a sigh to a look out. I can’t resist a good look out.


A birds eye view of Nelson Bay.


Um…. Not really sure what is going on in this picture.

The next day we did some more exploring but this time closer to camp. Miranda was keen to show us the local beaches that she grew up around.


First stop Merewether Beach.


We had a look at the Merewether baths and the explored the rock pools. It was far to hot to go swimmming.


Then a short walk along the memorial walk above the cliffs overlooking the city.


 Lunch on the harbour. I had fun watching the large ships being towed in and out of the harbour.

On our last two days in Newcastle we caught up with friends and family, and relaxed around camp.


Lots more bike riding was done.


The kids loved collecting shells.


 Did some fishing.


Two minutes later when their realised finishing take patience.

Unfortunately it came time for us to leave. Again we had to drive the trip home in one day. We packed up camp by mid morning and prepared ourselves for a long day in the car and a late arrival home. At least we were able to sit in the air-conditioned car to escape the hot weather everyone was experiencing.


We still made time to visit the big banana at Coffs Harbour.


And have a yummy treat. Yum Banana split.


Still on the road as the sun sets.


The kids tucked in and asleep as we pushed into the night.


This is a screen shot of the navigator I use. It was a big drive home.

Now we are home and able to look back on our holiday. We can confidently say our holiday was a success. Not everything went to plan. We had some extremely hot weather, the kids weren’t always angels and we had a small car problem. But as a family we worked together to over come the drama’s and have a great time. Miranda and Siannah survived living in the camper for a week. In fact I think I might have some budding campers on my hands.

Now where will our next holiday be. Maybe somewhere off the beaten track.


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