Brisbane to Armidale


After spending most the day packing. Finally at 4 o’clock in the afternoon we left home. Not the most ideal time of the day to leave for a 7 week adventure into the centre of Australia. Good thing we only had a short drive to Beaudesert for our first night. You just can’t beat sleep over’s at grandma’s.


My passenger was keen to get going.

The next morning we tried to get going early. But as everyone knows that’s impossible when leaving your grandparents house.


Bye bye grandma and granddad.

Our destination a campground called Cracknback, on the banks of the Macleay river. From Beaudesert we made our way on to the Cunningham highway and up the long climb that is Cunninghams Gap. Not much further along we turned onto the New England highway and followed the granite belt south though the towns of Warwick, Stanthorpe, Tenterfield and on to Armidale.

At Armidale we turned east and wound our way down the range the last 90 kilometres to our camp for easter.


Our first taste of unsealed road for the trip. The road into the down the range to camp was dirt.

Arriving just as the sun was starting to set we set up camp. It was good to finally stop and relax after a long day in the car.


For this trip we are going back to basic’s. Tent and swags.

The camp ground organised an easter egg hunt for the kids. Alec managed to get his fair share. With a little help from dad.


Everyone waiting in anticipation for the big hunt.



Everyone had lots of fun playing in the water. We were able to float down the river as it was running.


The Macleary river is perfect for swimming.


Our fellow campers brought there remote controlled four-wheel drive’s for a play. These aren’t toys you buy for your child. These are a serious bit of gear. Although the kids do get a turn once the adults are finished.


I decided to have a play with my new go pro while the fun was being had. Below is short video I made from some of the footage I recorded.

Warning very heavy music used in video. You have been warning.


It was a relaxing couple days. Its always good spending time with friends. It’s what we needed before the big adventure really begins.


Photo of the week. Not a bad effort I thought.


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