Alec’s Birthday

Yes, it’s that time of year again. My son, best mate and the reason I get up every morning turns four. Wow, and what a four years it has been.



He doesn’t stop growing. Is this normal?

This year was a little different than other years. Alec is now fully aware of what his birthday means. So apart from the usual party, a couple of extra things were organised to spoil this amazing little man.

His birthday fell on a Wednesday. A work and daycare day. But that didn’t stop the celebration. At breakfast I gave him my present to him and then I made pancakes.IMG_3651IMG_3657


Just so happened to be crazy hair day at Kindergarten as well. Best day ever.

Cupcakes were organised to share with his Kindergarten friends and happy birthday was sung to him.IMG_3700

A party was planned down at the water front the following Sunday. The unpredictable weather over the last couple of weeks forced me to look at alternatives. Something that was more weather proof. We were able to use the local scout hall a couple of streets from home.

One of the things that was done different this year was inviting Alec’s friends from Kindergarten. To keep these three and four years old entertained I decided to in-list the help of Happy Feet Fitness. Happy Feet Fitness is a educational singing, dancing and game playing extra curriculum activity that Alec attends once a week at Kindergarten.

It was a awesome Birthday Party with plenty of friends both adults and children to help celebrate a wonderful boy.


                                     A Big Happy Birthday to Alec.



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