Christmas and New Years Eve

Happy Christmas everyone. This year it was decided to do something different. So no camping at Mt Barney this year. Instead we rented a unit on Bribie Island.

For the people who are not from this part of the world. Bribie is a small sand island approximately an hours drive north of Brisbane. It is accessible by a bridge that crosses the Pumicestone passage. The water way between the island and the mainland.


Our home for Christmas 2017. Not to shabby. The unit was located north of the bridge on the calm side. That is the mainland in the distant.

The stay was only short. Just the 4 days during christmas. We made good use of the pool and of the beach. Other than that we didn’t do much else. It was good to relax and do nothing.


The Beach.


Getting in the festive vibe on christmas eve.


All ready for the big day. Yes, a lot of the presents were for Alec. A little spoiled I think.

Alec was very excited Christmas morning. We did stocking’s for everyone. A limit of $10 for each gift was agreed upon. Just a bit of fun really. We weren’t meant to buy presents for the adults except for the stockings. But it turns out we are all very giving people.


The night before we left a storm come over from the west. I managed to get a couple of photo’s of the sky lighting up. 

With Christmas over I went back to work for 3 days. Then it was time to celebrate new years eve. For a few years now I haven’t really bothered much with new year celebrations. Normally too tired, too much on and would prefer just to head to bed early.

This year is really no different. Except I decided to take Alec to have a look at some fireworks. At the Manly esplanade there are 2 firework displays put on for the new year eve celebrations. One at the family friendly time of 9 o’clock and the other at midnight. We obviously did the early show.

Instead of battling with the traffic I decided to ride the bike down. A night ride is something a bit different for us. It’s only a couple of kilometres and I could do with a bit of exercise after Christmas.


Riding at night though Wynnum.


A selfie on the bike.


The foreshore was busy with everyone waiting for the fireworks.



Alec loved the fireworks. Once he got over the noise. The ear muff’s help.

As I finish this blog post the year is coming to an end. As with the last few years I doubt I will bother staying up till midnight. It has been a busy year and I am glad it is over.

2018 is going to be a total different year than 2017. Planning is well under way to pack up and travel again. With a new four-wheel drive well into the build process and a different type of accommodation sitting under the car port. The adventure I have planned for Alec and my self for 2018 and beyond is going to be amazing.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and I wish you all a happy new year.



2 thoughts on “Christmas and New Years Eve

    1. kethelboysadventures Post author

      Yes it is a little slice of paradise.
      Yes of course. Completely slipped my mind you guy are up there.
      2018 is going to be a great year. I hope you guys had a great Christmas. Any travel plans for the year.



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