Inskip Point Camping

A couple of weeks ago we manage to sneak a camping trip in. We did a long weekend at Inskip Point, the gateway to Fraser Island. As this is where you catch the ferry across to Fraser Island and is a easy three hour drive from Brisbane. This was our first camp on our big trip in 2016. Apart from being so close to Fraser Island it is a good spot for a beach camp in it’s own right.

I was hoping for a weekend of sun, beach and chilling. We got the beach and the chilling. But instead off sun we mostly got rain and cloud. But we made the best of it. Getting to the beach when ever the sun was out and doing a touch of site seeing.


We left home under dark clouds.


Our home for the weekend. Toke a bit to find a suitable site as it was busy.


Our first beach visit once camp was set up. Not he best weather for the beach.


Yippee sunshine. Lets go dad.


We did get some lovely sunshine. But only for short periods and mostly in the afternoon.


Alec had a fun playing in this hole dug by previous visiters.


We visited Carlo sand blow. Which is a short 2 minute drive from the town of Rainbow Beach.


We had a ball running around on the sand. Because of all the rain the sand was easy to walk and run on.


Of course we found a park. This one was at Rainbow beach and looked new.


We played tourist. This is the propeller off the Cherry Venture that ran aground on Teewah beach in 1973. The ship was not removed from the beach until 2007.


Yummy dinner. Taco’s.


We stopped in Gympie on the way home for lunch and to feed the ducks. I also had some other business to attend to in Gympie. The reason we decided to head this way for the weekend.


I had read that you shouldn’t feed bread to ducks. So we tried some grapes. Turns out ducks and swans don’t like grapes. But we had fun anyway.

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