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Welcome to the new blog page. This page will be used to post pretty much anything I feel the need to share. Insights on being a single father, special events, story’s, small trips away or me having a good old whinge.

It will also be a way for many people who follow this blog to keep up with Alec and myself as we move forward with our lives.

So let’s get started. What has happen over the last year since we go back from our trip? One thing for sure it hasn’t been sitting back doing nothing. I don’t feel like I have stopped.

Once we arrived home, it was straight back to work for me. Alec went back to daycare. My work didn’t change. Still working 3 days a week. However Alec’s daycare did. Instead going to a “family daycare” at the carers home. Which is what Alec was doing before we left on our trip. I put him in a large day care centre instead. The flexible hours at the daycare centre worked better for me. I also figure Alec is now old enough to be able handle the rough and tumble of a larger centre. Alec settled in well and all his teachers adore him. Wrapped around his little finger comes to mind.

 At daycare he does two extra curricular activities . Happy feet. Which is learning though singing and dancing. And Ginger sports which is soccer based play. I also take Alec to swimming lessons once a week.


Now we were both settled into work and daycare the work really started. The first major job to be done is the one I have been dreading. Going through all of Peta’s belongings. This was a long and emotional process. I kept a selection of belongings that had meaning and or help paint a picture of Peta’s life. Not so much for my sake but for Alec when he gets older. I am hopeful that he will treasure these items and help him understand who his mother is. 

As part of the cleaning out and moving on process. I decided to download every photo and important documents to a cloud storage. The last thing I would want is to lose these precious memory’s. For weeks I uploaded photos. Close to 100 gigabytes worth of data. Although the majority were already in a digital format. I did have approximately 600 print photo’s. I got these professionally scanned. These photo’s ranged from baby and childhood photo’s of Peta to early photo’s of Peta and myself. I even found some photo’s from Peta’s university Japan trip that I don’t recall seeing.

Of course we had the usual family events and celebrations. Christmas at Mt Barney lodge, Easter camping trip with friends down near Evan’s heads, Celebrated Alec’s third birthday with a party at the park and climbed Mt Barney again. You can read all about here. Mt Barney Climb 2017

On a sadder note. I had a funeral to attend. My grandmother passed away. She will be missed. The funeral was held in Bellingen. I travel down by my self. Alec stayed with his grandparents for the weekend. It was only afterward that I realised that was the first time I had spent a night away from Alec.

Image 13

The world lost another amazing Woman.

While this was all going on I had another large decision to make. It involve a close family member in a way. What to do with the beloved Maverick. While travelling the old girl came down with a terrible case of rust. I got quotes on getting it fixed. Not cheap and no guarantee that the rust wouldn’t come back. So it was time to say good-bye to the old girl. But not before stripping out all the accessories. Some I can fit to the new car. The rest I sold. It was sad day to see her go. I had owned the maverick close to ten years. Peta and I had many adventures together in her and not to mention the big one with Alec. But I guess with everything in life you just have to let go.

 As the year draws to a close I will be glad to see the end of it. Hopefully 2018 will be more relaxing and adventure filled year. Bring it on.

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