Final post for the trip

It has been a year since we finished the trip. In that time I have slowly been working on a final post for the trip and I mean very slowly. Once we arrived home the everyday life of work and daycare toke over.

Sitting down and writing this final post after such a long time back home has really given me time to think about what this trip meant for Alec and myself.

The obvious one. It was part of the mourning process and that is definitely true.

I also believe it has shaped our lives going forward. It has help realise that there is this amazing world outside the usual small piece we inhabit in our daily grind. You might be thinking that I have done plenty of travel before surely you knew that already. Yes that is true but most trips I have done have been restricted to a small bite of time. Visiting the usual tourist stops and moving on. When you have the time to explore and spend time in a place a whole new world opens up and it has made me hungry for more.

The benefit for Alec is out of this world. Yes he was very young. But I am constantly amazed at what he remembers of the trip. The excitement he get recalling the adventures we had.

The sheer volume of time we spent together. The bonding time we had will again set us up for life in the future. Especially as he grows more aware and starts asking the inevitable questions.

As we traveled we meet some amazing people. Sometimes we camped next to you for days, others we briefly meet at a coffee shop, park or rest stop. Then there were the ones we meet more than once as we were traveled in the same direction.

I thank everyone of you for stopping and taking the time to chat or just say hi. At times I felt lonely or just needed a adult chat and it was you guys that helped me as we continued on this trip of a life time.

Will I do another trip like this again. Oh course the answer is yes. I we do things different and as Alec grows the pace may change as will the places we visit.  Traveling will always be a big part of Alec’s and my world.


This trip is dedicated to the most amazing wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunty, friend that any one could have. You we never be forgotten and always loved.

I have made four photo movies below for your enjoyment. I easy way to look back at this amazing trip.

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