The Run Home.

img_0339From Miles I decided to head south. The idea is to travel down to the Queensland and New South Wales border. Then follow it back into southeast Queensland with our last camp of course being Mt Barney Lodge.


We were back in broad arce cropping country again.

We made it to Goondiwindi and found a camp at one of the 3 caravans parks that are in town. There wasn’t a lot of choice when it came to position. The 2 that were suitable for us were both on busy roads. The one we picked allowed us to do plenty of truck spotting from our camp. Good thing we both like trucks.


We got our truck spotting fill in Gonndiwindi.


While in Goondiwindi we went for a ride along the river. Which is the border between Queensland and New south wales. The river is prone to flooding and a levey bank was built to protect the town. The path was built on top.


There is also a number of pump stations along the river.



Of course we had to stop for a baby chino and some yummy morning tea. A reward for being good and going for a bike ride.

After spending 3 nights in Goondiwindi we made our way along the border and found ourselves at Glenlyon Lake.


We followed the border as best we could all the way to Texes. It was great drive. A lot un-sealed.


Oh no. The car is in Queensland and camper in New South Wales. We were in a bit of a state really. Sorry Bill and Margret I stole you joke.


The Dumaresq river flowing over the Bonshaw weir east of texas.


One of many large Pivot irrigators been used in the area.

Of course this wasn’t my original plan. I had planned to go all the way to Mount Barney. But I had forgotten about the long weekend and the end of the Queensland school holidays. Mt Barney Lodge was booked out. So after some research I come across Glenlyn Dam Tourist Park. Which had camp sites available. We stay 5 nights which included the long weekend. This is a lovely spot, the owner’s are really great and could not do enough to make sure Alec and I were looked after.


We did manage to go for a ride while at Lake Glenlyon. The dam wall.


Our morning tee stop.


Alec checking out the variety of fish that are in the dam while at the vistor centre


Alec doing some fishing. The carvan park has all sorts of games to keep everyone occuppied.


Alec found some new friends over the long weekend.


Dinner in front of the fire. The firewood was provided by the caravan park.

While at Glenlyon Dam we got some great weather and some not so great. It rained all the last day we were there.


It may of been because the long weekend was over or it could of been the weather. But the carvan park emptied out on the monday. Bit soft I reckon.

The next day was fine but was told by the owners of the park that there was no point rushing to leave as the rivers are flooded and won’t be able to get out for some hours yet. So we slowly pack up. Around 10 o’clock we were told the road was open. We made our way and got to Stanthorpe with out a problem.


The river crossing between Lake Glenlyon and Stanthorpe. The water had been over the bridge earlier in the morning.

In Stanthorpe we did some shopping and had lunch. Then made our way to Mount Barney Lodge. The last camp of the trip. We stayed 3 nights and did very little. Enjoying the last bit of freedom before we head back to reality.


Our last camp at Mount Barney Lodge. Where else was it going to be?


Alec and Grandma having a play in the creek. The grandparents could not resist having a visit.


These two have a lots of catching to do.


Finally back home after 8 months on the road. It’s going to be strange being back in a house.

6 thoughts on “The Run Home.

  1. Joy

    Hi Pete and Alec. Wow what a journey you have had. Could be hard for you both to settle down. We enjoyed our caravan holiday last week at Tingha up near Inverell. We copped a bit of that weather too with strong winds and lots of rain on Friday so we weren’t sure whether to tackle the trip home on Saturday but it had calmed down a bit by 10.30 so we packed up and headed home. Tingha is a lovely place to stay with a clean and well maintained and quiet caravan park only $20 a night. Hope all is going well for you both.


  2. Helen and Colin Ararat vic

    Hi Peter and Alec,What a great journey you have had, it has been great following your time away. Alec is lucky to have such a loving DAD. Is it good to be home after all that time away. Alec is going to miss the coffee shops.I will miss your updates guys. Take care Colin and Helen

    Liked by 1 person

  3. whitejoygerm02

    Hi Kethel Boys….Peter and Alec. Hope you have settled into home life and Christmas preparations are going smoothly for a great Christmas. We would love an email address again as we have had computer malfunctions (surprise). Your adventures were a joy to follow……there will be more.
    Happy 2017. Jon and Jan White Bribie.


    1. kethelboysadventures Post author

      Hi guys. Yes we have settled back into home life. I think. Very tempting to hook back up and go again.
      Yes busy organising Christmas. Big Christmas this year. The first year Alec will remember.
      Email me on pkethel@gmail. com

      Happy Christmas and I hope more adventures for 2017



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