Winton to Miles. Escaping the Rain.

img_0338With the Nichols family traveling home. Alec and myself were on our own again. I decided to stay a few days in Winton to have break and to work out where to go next. I had also noticed the Mav was getting hard to start.

I was having to use both both battery’s to get the engine to fire. I initially thought it was a battery problem. But a new battery didn’t solve the problem. So after further diagnostic’s. Basically checking the wiring for bad connecters or corrosion, I came to the conclusion the starter motor was at fault. Collateral damage from the clutch issue from a few weeks ago. A new starter was ordered and fitted.


By the time we get home Alec with be a trade qualified.

Over the time it toke to get the starter motor, the weather started to turn bad. Well for us anyway. For the farmer’s, it’s good weather.

The first couple of days the weather was fine and we made good use of it.


We visted the Hertage Truck and Machinery Museum. This truck was driven by a early Cape York Pioneer Toots Holzheimer. A really remarkable woman. I have read the book about her life and it’s well worth the read.


Alec having a play


The truck graveyard. There is some interesting pieces of gear rotting away in this paddock. 


We had a play on the famous musical fence.


Alec and I both enjoyed drumming. Actually it was really just us banging stufff with sticks.


And tried to do some blog updates while Alec played road trains on the table.

Then we started to get wet.


Just a tad soggy.


It’s impossable to keep Alec out of the water.

We had some time to kill in Winton and was a little difficult when being so wet.


We had a play at the council library.


Had a chino.


Got haircuts and had a chino.


Found another dinosuar.


And went to the pub for dinner.

As the rain fell the chances of getting of the beaten track were slowing disappearing. The number of road closures keep growing. We had two choices, sit in Winton for weeks and wait for in to dry out or make our way home by the boring bitumen highway.

When we left Winton it was still raining. I do love packing up a camper trailer in the rain. If you were wondering, yes that was sarcasm. We followed the  Landsborough highway and made it to Barcaldine.


There were a few water crossing to drive though to between Winton and Longreach.


I really wanted to get a shot of a road train crossing. Unfortantly the best I could do was a car. Not that exciting really.

In Barcaldine we opted to stay in a hotel for the night. It was just to wet and soggy to camp.


The hotel did a great meal. Sometime you just have to spoil yourself.

After a dry night at the hotel we continued further south. Not really knowing how far we could go.


Breakfast in a carpark in the middle of town. It easier to do this than have it in the hotel room.


We had a quick look at the tree of knowledge. Regardless of your polical views this is a important part of Australian history.


The road condition sigh as we left town.

By the time we got to Blackall the road was open. We continued down to Augathella and stopped for lunch. I planned on camping in Augathella but found the caravan park not very enticing. There is a lovely free camp on the river but I figured that it would be to boggy. So we continued on the Morven.

The Murweh shire council which Moven is part of, needs to be commended on the effort that has been taken to entice travels to stay. The Morven recreation park which consisted of a oval, various sheds for the local clubs, a children’s play area and a skate park. Also has a number of powered caravan sites, space for un-powered camps and toilet bloke which is basic but does have hot showers. All for the small price of $5 a night for un-powered and $10 night for a powered site. They isn’t a care taker or manager. First in best dressed and honour system for paying. By that I mean slotting you money in a locked steel box.


Our camp at Morven.

The perfect place to stop and to have a breather and dry out. We weren’t the only ones doing this and founds some lovely fellow travels to spend the days with.


Our neighbor allowed Alec to have some tv time. They were waiting for the road to Birdsville to open.


As I said just can’t keep Alec out of the water.

Our next stop after our 3 nights in Morven was Possum Park, 20km north of Miles. A uncle and Aunt of Peta’s had been travel through the Northern Territory and Queensland and were slowly making there way home. So we arranged to meet up.


Everyone enjoying the community fire in the afternoon.


Possum Park was once a World War 2 ammuntion dump. There is 20 of these bunkers on the property.


Some have been made into accomdation. This one is a games room.


They are also doing up this old aircraft for accomdation.

After a loverly stay it was time to move on. With home being so close it will not be long before or big adventure will soon be over.

2 thoughts on “Winton to Miles. Escaping the Rain.

  1. Helen and Colin Ararat vic

    We are going to miss the updates, if you are not far from home. Awesome memories Peter you and Alec have made.



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