The Dinosaur Trail. Rrraaaa

img_0336After our stay at Porcupine Gorge, we drove the short distant to the town of Hughenden. The first stop on our Dinosaur trail.

In Hughenden we visited the Flinders Discovery Centre and Museum. Here we got to meet Hughie. A life size skeletal replica of a Muttaburrasarus.


Meet Hughie


The Flinders Discovery Centre and Museum has a great children’s area. Perfect for puzzle obsessed mothers.


The boys enjoyed the costumes. Alec makes a cute little dinosaur.


And a kangaroo.


A amazing view with Hughenden in the distant.

Our next stop was Richmond. This was going to a be a 2 night stop but after seeing how nice the caravan park and the nearby lake was, we decided to stay a extra night.


The view of Lake Fred Tritton from our camp site in Richmond. The lake was completed in 2003 and provides a place for recreation for people of the town as well as visiter’s.

Richmond is a Dinosaur enthusiast paradise . In town, at Kronosaurus corner you can learn all about the marine fossils found in the area. A short 12km drive out of town there is free Fossil Hunting area.


Alec in front a replica Kronosaurus. Or a Crocodile as Alec kept calling it.


Some of the display’s at Kronosaurus Korner.


The boys enjoying the self guided tour.


It’s tough work this dinosaur exploring. Time for a chino.


One of the free fossicking sites. This one a quarry site that is still in use.


While we were at the fossicking site, a fellow traveler thought he had found something big and got the experts from town out. It was a real buzz having them there. So full of knowledge and enthusiasm. Unfortunately it wasn’t a big discovery. But still very interesting.

The final stop on the dinosaur trail was Winton. The 2 main Dinosaurs attractions are out of town. The stampede at Lark Quarry and the Australian Age of the Dinosaurs. Both well worth the drive.


The road between Richmond and Winton was a great drive. The country very green from recent rain. This road was open to four wheel drives only when we drove it.


This complex protects the stampeded foot prints from the weather and provides a viewing platform for the tourist.


Everyone having a look at the dinosaur foot prints in the rock.


Alec found another Dinosaur.


Some of the fossil’s discovered in the area, now displayed at the Australian Age of Dinosaurs.

The Nichols family and us parted ways at Winton. Alec and I had to decided what to do next. But with the weather closing in we may not have much of a decision to make.

Dinosaur jokes

When it comes to bad jokes, dinosaur jokes are at the top of the list. I guess they are 200 million years in the making. So enjoy and try not to groan to much.

Q. Why do museums have old dinosaur bones?

A. Because they can’t afford new ones.

Q: Why can’t you hear a pterodactyl using the bathroom?

A: Because the ‘p’ is silent

Q: What do you call a blind dinosaur?

A: adoyouthinkhesaurus.


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