Mount Isa to Karumba

img_0332Once set up at our new home in Mount Isa. We went about doing all the usuals choirs that need to be done when in a major town. We also had a tailer suspension repair to do.


Welcome to Mount Isa. Yes, that big hill and the stacks is a mine. Nothing hiding the fact this a mining town.


Alec doing repairs again. This time on the trailer. He’s a handy bloke to travel with.

Our new travel companions arrived in town all the way from Brisbane. Mick and Ange Nichols and there 2 children Lennox and Zara.

Apart from doing some of the usuals tourists things together. The Nichols family also had choirs to do including a zip repair on their camper.


One of the biggest events for the town. The Mount Isa Rodeo.


The centre of town and of course the mine.


Lake Moondarra is a short drive out of town. With picnic spots, boat ramps and a playground. This is a very popular spot for the locals.

With all the jobs done we left Mount Isa and made our way north/west to Lawn Hill National Park.


Most of the drive to Lawn Hill National Park was dry and dusty. As we got closer we had to cross a couple of these gorgeous little creek crossings.

We stayed 3 nights in the national park. We spent the time enjoying the gorges that the national park is famous for. Mick and myself rented canoes and with the boys help paddling though the gorge.


The amazing Indarri falls.


Alec ready for some canoeing acton. He loved his big spade as he called it.


Paddling though the gorge was a real highlight of our visit.


Indarri falls this time in a canoe.



Once at the falls you have a choice of going further above the falls. This requires carrying the canoe to the top side of the falls. The 2 rails in the picture are not hand rails but rails to assist in getting the canoe up and down the bank.


No explanation needed.


Mick and Lennox enjoying the relaxing paddle.

Once our time was up in the national park we drove the short distant of 10km to our next camp, Adels Grove. Here we were able to relax in the tropical shaded campground and enjoy a few luxuries such as a bar, restaurant, hot showers and phone service.


Our cool and tropical camp at Adels Grove.


Relaxing by the fire.


A nice little spot for a play in the water at Adels grove. There were others areas to swim, just not suitable for young kids.


The boys enjoying a very special treat.

After a relaxing time at Adels Grove we drove to the small town of Gregory Downs.


Once we left the paradise of Adels Grove we were back to dusty dry country.

Here we did a over night stay at a free camp a little out of town on the Gregory river. As free camps go this was a great camp. We set up camp only metres away from a clear running creek. We spent the afternoon playing in the water and floating down the creek on tubes.


Our camp spot on the Gregory river.


The big kids had fun playing in the river too.


The general store in Gregory Downs is worth the stop.

From Gregory downs we headed further north. We made Burketown for lunch then found another free camp at Leichhardt Falls. 70 kilometres south east of Burketown.


The Leichhardt river below the falls. No water was flowing over the falls. I would love to go back when it is.


The boys enjoying a cold morning together while at Leichhardt falls.

After our overnight stay in at the falls we continued east to the seaside town of Karumba.

Stay tuned for the next chapter of the Kethel boys Adventure with the Nichols family.

Will the Nichols family get to see a sunset over the water, will the boys ¬†get out of there pj’s before 9 o’clock, will Zara look cute yet again, will the Nichols buy a new faster kettle, will I ever be able to find the missing socks that will match the single ones in my washing basket.

1 thought on “Mount Isa to Karumba

  1. Colin and Helen Prestwich

    Peter and Alec this Adventure is so so , Awesome you boys are making us jealous. Your photos are unreal Peter, I cannot wait too see the next. Stay safe and enjoy. Love Colin and Helen. Ararat.



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