Seisia back to Weipa

IMG_0326We left our beach front camp and headed south. Our destination one of the jewels in the crown of Cape York. Eliot / twin / Indian Head falls. I just wasn’t sure which way we would get there. Either the Bypass road or the telegraph track.

I had no intention of driving the telegraph track this trip. I had the safety of Alec to think of, I was traveling alone and it just wasn’t that sort of trip.

But as we traveled I started getting positive tracks reports from other travellers. I had also seen the lack of water in the two crossing we had crossed getting into the Dulhunty camp. My mind was slowly changing. With the bypass road badly corrugated and with heavy traffic. I figure it might be a safer and more relaxing drive doing the Telegraph track.


Yep still corrugated.

The first creek crossing I will come across driving the track north to south is Nolan’s Brook. We drowned the Mav in this crossing on our 2011 trip. All the reports I were getting, was that the Nolan’s Brook was easy this year. So I decided I would go have a look, if the Nolan’s was crossable with out drowning the Mav. Then I would continue down the Telegraph track to the falls.

With only a short drive from our return crossing of the Jardine River, we got to Nolan’s Brook. I found the reports were all correct. Nolan’s was indeed a easy crossing this year. With a splash and jump up out of the creek we crossed with out a problem and continued down the Telegraph track. Tackling each crossing with out fuss and arriving at the falls with out any major incident or damage.


One of the smaller easier crossing on the northern section of the Telegraph track.


The mav flexing up on a rough section.

We stayed 3 days at the falls spending alot of time in the water.


Twin Falls.


Twin Falls is a great place for young childen. We spent most of our time hear.


Peter at Twin falls 2011.


Alec at twin falls 2016.


Peta at the area called the saucepan. 2011


Alec playing in the Suacepan. 2016


Alec at Eliot falls. 2016

New Pictures 1287

Peta at Eliot falls. 2009


Action cam photo of Alec having a play.


Dad being a human boat.

After our stay at the falls we continued down the southern section of the telegraph track. I had no real concerns about this section of the track as the southern section has always been the easier section. We made good time the only hold up was pulling over to let other travellers past. Because the southern section of the Telegraph track is the easier section, there is more traffic. A lot of people only drive the bottom section.


For us this was the first crossing on the southern section. No I didnt use the bridge.


One of the telegraph line poles. Not many left. The Telegraph track follow the old overland telegraph line that was built in the 1860’s. The line was used for 60 years. In 1942 cross arms and 4 lines were added for modern communication. In 1987 the line was closed after more than 100 years in use.


The famous Gunshot creek crossing. No I have never driven it. I have always used a easier way. These lads were deciding to go down it or not.

We got to the end of the telegraph track and arrived at Bramwell roadhouse for a late lunch. T hen continued on to Moreton Telegraph station.


The start of the Telegraph track. For us it was the end. 2016

New Pictures 748

Peta in 2009.

We did a overnighter at Moreton. The next day we arrived back in Weipa for a 2 night stay. The Mav was booked in for a service and all the usual chores needed doing before we make our way south. We actually have a deadline to meet. We have 3 1/2 weeks to get to Mount Isa.


Morteton tellegraph station as the name suggest it was originally one of the repeater stations for the telegraph line. Now it is a camping and tourist stop.

Cape York creek crossing of the season.

Whenever you hear people talking about driving the Telegraph Track, you always hear about the usual bad crossings. I drowned my car in Nolan’s, I broke my car going down gunshot or I had to winch out of Palm creek.

This year was a little different. Yes, certainly gunshot and Palm creek were no different from any other year. Nolan not so much.

A little creek called Scrubby was causing all the problems this year. Previous years this barely rated a mention. It was a bit of a fun splash that was it. This year it was the major creek crossing on the Cape. To make matters worse this is also the one and only creek crossing you need to cross to get into falls. You could come in from the north but that requires you to do a small bit of the telegraph track and 2 smaller crossing. Which a lot of people did.

The problem is a lot of people who visit the falls aren’t four wheel drivers as such, more tourers. They are not set up or keen to cross a creek with water high enough to cover your bonnet. It’s strange but a lot of people don’t enjoy it. In fact they find it stressful.

The result a lot of people had to miss out on seeing the falls. As I mention above, it really is a must do when travelling in Cape York.

Because I am one of the normal people how enjoy doing dumb stuff with my four wheel drive. I decided I would cross it. We did the crossing leaving the falls as we were traveling south.

I decided to film the crossing. I figured if I got stuck I would least have a cool video.

3 thoughts on “Seisia back to Weipa

  1. Colin and Helen Prestwich

    Peter you and Alec are making some amazing memories!! We are loving following your adventures, enjoying the great photo’s and the stories. Peter and Alec we spent time together at Seisia caravan park, Alec ( Cookie Monster ) has grown so much we will never forget you boys. Stay safe Colin, Helen, Pauline and Garry.


    1. kethelboysadventures Post author

      Hi guys. Thanks for the kind words.
      Yes I remember you guys now. If you want to send the facebook friend request again I promise I will add you as a friend. At the time I could not figure out who you were. You look different when not tracking. Lol



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