The Tip of Australia

IMG_0291For most people who travel Cape York, arriving at the Tip is a happy moment. It means they have survived the corrugations and dust of the development road, tackled the creek crossings of the telegraph track and put up with all manner of wildlife that want to eat, bite and sting you.

For some people it’s not always a happy occasion. Maybe a relief as they limp there broken vehicle or camper into the nearest workshop. Hoping the mechanic can perform some magic to keep them going. While some it’s a costly arrival as they don’t get to finish the drive. Instead a tow truck is now there mode of transport.

For me being the third time to the tip and the novelty might wearing of a bit thin. However I was excited to take Alec to the northern most point of Australia.The excitement was also mixed with a touch of sadness.

New Pictures 1067-3

Peta at the tip on our first trip to Cape York 2009.


Alec at the tip of Cape York. 2016


Peta and myself at the tip in 2011.


Alec and myself at the tip of Cape York. 2016


Myself at the tip. 2016


It’s only manners to stop at the Croc Tent to grab a souvenir shirt. Alec is happy with his shirt.

What a lot of people don’t realise is that this northern part of Cape York is worth visiting in it’s own right. Regardless of it goegraphic interest point. It has a very tropical island relaxed feel about the place with beaches to explore and history to learn about. It is also the gateway to the Torres Strait islands.


The beach right in front of camp. Yes, it’s a hard life at the top.


We had to put up with these sunsets every afternoon.


I know, such a cliche moment. Local kids riding bareback along a beach at sunset. But it did happen.

We stayed nine days making our home at the Seisia caravan park. We didn’t really do a lot. We did two big day trips. One to the Tip and the other to Thursday island. The rest of the time we spent relaxing on the beach, having several attempts at fishing and chatting to other campers about how bad the roads are.


On the the jetty at Thurdays island. I decided to take the bike over and ride around the island.


There is only two hills on Thursday island. We rode up both. The first one wasn’t really a tourist stop.


One of the main attractions of Thursday island is Green Hill Fort. It was built between 1891-1893. This was a defence against a possible Russian invasion.


The view from the fort. The land mass in the centre of the photo that is just visable in the distant is the Australian mainland.


The view of the first hill we rode up from green hill fort. Note the wind turbines. 


Our first fishing attemp on the jetty was cancelled due to bad timing. They close the jetty when unloading freight. We did watch the unload for a bit.


Alec having a fish off the jetty until he decided the hand reel was better in the water.

Horse’s and dogs.

In some of the aboringnal commuties there are dogs and horses everywhere, roaming the streets and generaly do what they want to. A lot of times you have to drive around the dogs laying in the streets or carparks. The town of Bamaga and Seisia are no exception.


We had a horse in our camp as Alec keeps reminding me.


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