North to the tip of Australia


After our relaxing stay at Stone crossing we headed back to Weipa for a 2 night stay to restock and do washing.

We managed a early start the day we left Weipa. Thanks to me being super organised and I was also able to leave the camper hitched up during our short stay. I often do this if I can.

Back on the Peninsula development road we headed out of town. It had been over two weeks since we had driven this road and it hadn’t fared well with all the holiday traffic. More and worse corrugations and plenty of dust. After 100 kilometres travelling east we reach the Telegraph road and headed north. Making good time we got to Bramwell roadhouse for a early lunch. This is also the start of the famous Telegraph Track. The four wheel wheel drive only track that follows the original telegraph line. A fun drive with multiply creek crossings and plenty of rough track to test out you vehicle and driving ability.

The camp site we were driving to is on the Telegraph track. Actually 7 kilometres off the track. However I only plan to drive a small section of the track to get there. From our lunch stop we toke the southern bypass road for 50 kilometres and then turned west and travel a further 24 kilometres to connect on to the Telegraph track. A short drive and 2 creek crossings we reached the turn off to our camping spot.

The video below will explain why we made the effort to get to this particular spot.

I made a couple of mistakes when making this video. I actually mention the wrong river a first. It’s the Dulhunty river not the Wenlock. I also mention that the guides made the cake. At closer inspection of the photo’s it’s obvious that it was brought cake. They still had to cart it from Weipa and that trip we did drive the Telegraph track.

Hope you enjoy.


The gunshot bypass road passes though the Healthland Resource Reserve.


Our bush camp on the Dulhunty river.


The falls near our camp. The good thing is not many people know about them.


Alec having a play in the Dulhunty river.


A couple kilometers from our camp is a water testing station run by the DPI. The track continue past here. To where I have no idea. Might be somewhere to explore next Cape trip.


One of the crossings. This was us leaving and yes it is raining.

After 4 nights on the Dulhunty we back tracked back on the Bypass road and continued heading north. In the video I mention the worse corrugations I had seen had been on the gunshot bypass road. Well the corrugations thats we drove on the way to the Jardine ferry weren’t bad they were terrible. So bad in fact a lot of travellers were driving in the spoon drains just to provided some relief from the bone jarring vibrations.


Which lane should drive.

After crossing the Jardine river ferry we drove the short distant to our new home for 9 days at the Seisia Caravan Park.


It cost $129 return for the car and trailer to use the Jardine river ferry. It is also permit to cover bush camping in the area.


The line up for the ferry. We arrived right at midday when the ferry closers for a hour lunch break.

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