Elim Beach

IMG_0267We left Cooktown for a great spot called Elim Beach or more precisely Eddie’s camp. Elim beach is only a 80 km trip from Cooktown and is located in the Aboriginal shire of Hope Vale. The camp is a basic setup run by a Aboriginal elder Eddie. This is a wonderful place.

Peta and I had one of those rare unplanned great days together on Elim Beach in 2011.

On our 2011 Cape York trip we stopped at Eddie’s camp. It was going to be a overnight stay, however we woke up to the sound of rain on the canvas. It was agreed with our fellow travelers to stay another day instead of packing up in the rain.

By midmorning the rain had disappeared and it turned into a gorgeous day. In the afternoon Peta and I decided to go for a walk. Heading south along the beach. Exploring the abandoned beach huts and enjoying the slower pace of a day off from traveling. As we got closer to the headland we figured we might try and see if we could get there. We left the beach and started following a vehicle track heading in the direction of the headland. We walked for a good while until we were forced to turn around. It was getting late and tide was on the way up. We alway’s talked about finishing the walk and bemused ourselves about what was at the end of the track.

So now it was up to Alec and myself to finish the walk and get to the headland. The headland is actually Cape Bedford. The track that Peta and myself followed takes you between two headlands, Cape Bedford and South Cape Bedford.


Green is the walk section. Blue is the drive section. The flag is Eddie’s camp.

The plan was to spilt the walk in two. It was just to far for me to carry Alec. The first part we walked along the beach to roughly where you would start heading inland to find the vehicle track.

This we did no problem. A total of 3 kilometres up the beach. That doesn’t sound far but remember I still have to walk back to camp. I have 15 kilo’s of Alec on my back and walking in sand.


On our walk in 2011 Peta and I found this swing. This photo of Peta on the swing is a favorite of ours. In fact a canvass print of this picture hangs on the wall at home.


Oh course, I went looking for that swing. However not surprisingly it’s no longer. We did find another swing on the same beach. This is Alec in 2016 having a swing at Elim beach.

The next day we got in the mav and drove to a point that we would start walking. But before we could get to that point I got stuck going up a sandy hill. This requiring me to dig my self out. It was my fault really. I hadn’t aired down my tires. I don’t remember the track being that soft. In fact I don’t even remember the hill.


The coastal dunes we drove though. Cape Bedford is in the distant.

We got the area that we were going to walk from, by this stage it was a little later than expected and a very hot day. So I got lazy and decided to drive the rest of the way. This turned out to be a adventure. We had a couple of swampy sections to get though. One requiring me to winch out. We also toke some wrong turns. This requiring some interesting multipoint turns on the narrow track.


Such a lovely looking bog hole.


Oh no.

Once at our destination I was amazed. Certainty worth the effort. I deliberately didn’t find out about or look at pictures of Cape Bedford. I wanted it to be a surprise,  just as if Peta and I had finished the walk so many years ago.


Alec and myself Cape Bedford 2016.


Alec in 2016 at Cape Bedford overlooking Elim Beach and the colored sands.

We spent 5 days at Elim Beach. Not doing a lot. Alec spent a lot of time playing on the beach, we went for walks, relaxed and caught up on some sleep after a busy few weeks.


A slice of paradise.


Fellow travelers made a dam from a small fresh water creek running out to sea. Alec loved playing in it. After every high tide it had to be rebuilt.


Did someone say beautiful sunset.


This residence has been built north of Eddie’s camp. Set back into the dunes, water tanks have been used for rooms and living spaces. The couple that built the place run kite surfing safari’s.


This is a cool place. It is completely self sufficient and is cut off at high tide. 

We headed back to Cooktown once we left Elim beach for a restock and do washing. We were fortunate to be in town for the Discovery festival.


The re enactment off Cooks landing in progress.


There were plenty of thing on over the weekend. Like billy cart racers.

Bad timing of the week but quick thinking by dad of the week

We rode into town and to see the re enactment of the cooks landing. We only got half way into the show when some firearms were fired as part of the act. Now Alec is not good with noises and this was just to much for him. He freaked out. So we left and went and had morning tea at a coffee shop across the road from the main park.

We were sitting having yummy’s when I notice the re enactment had finished and people starting to crowd around the Caption Cook monument.

We had finished our yummy’s and rode across the road and past the crowd. As we did I heard someone cry “FIRE IN THE HOLD” . Then I saw a puff of white smoke . In that split second I realized what was about to happen. I stopped the bike and as I put my hands over Alec’s ears a loud “BANG” come from a cannon in the centre of the crowd.

Even with my hands over Alec ears he still got a little concerned. However he recovered quickly.

Oh so close. Father of the year award contender I reckon.


 Everyone likes a big cannon going off. Except Alec.

2 thoughts on “Elim Beach

  1. Linda Fagg

    Hi Pete & Alec what a wonderful time you are having together. Your adventures in Cooktown brought a smile to my face. When Michael was little he was llike that too!! Nit now of course 🙂 Love the photos of the swing & the beautiful beaches & mountain. Alec is growing so fast!! Take care..



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