Port Douglas

IMG_0263After a week in Cairns it was time to move on. Port Douglas was our next stop, again staying for a week. Our travel companions changed a little. Aunty Megan went home and my parents arrived.

On the travel day to Port Douglas the weather changed from light showers to heavy showers. I had the wettest camper set up I have ever done.


Alec stayed in the car till I had nearly finished. Then asked if he could get out and help.

The weather didn’t improve for number of days. Some areas receiving up 300mm in a 24 hour period. Cooktown a little further north had the wettest May in history. The camper became unliveable, only using it for sleeping. All cooking was done in the caravan park camp kitchen and spent a lot time with the grandparents. They were staying in a hotel.


I picked the worst spot in the park. At least Alec had fun.


Plenty of puddles for Alec to play in.


Four Mile Beach at Port Douglas. I am sure it’s a great beach in good weather.

Once the weather cleared we got out and about and explored some of the local attractions. We visited the wildlife Habitat in Port Douglas.


The wildlife habitat was really good. So many animal to see. I have only ever seen ducks sit like this in books.


Alec having a look at a Cassowary.


The grandparents have a good look at a Cassowary. Good thing they did. They didn’t see any wild ones.


If I had a memory, I would tell you what type of bird this is and everyone would think I was really smart. But I don’t have a memory. So you get, a bird standing on one leg


A lovely picture of Alec and his grandparents.


Thats one angry looking Owl. If you wake me up one more time, I will stick that camera somewhere where the flash will all ways be needed.


These fresh water Crocodiles are harmless apparently.


Alec if you see any Crocodiles in the wild. Run!!


Oh no Alec is getting eaten by a Crocodile… wait why are you a frozen Chicken?


A lovely photo of Alec

Went on a day trip into the Daintree.


Looking south over the Daintree river entrance.


Alec is a little obsessed with his diggers and tractor. Here he is playing with them on Cape Tribulation Beach.


Cape Tribulation beach. Just one of the many amazing beach’s in the Daintree Area. Just don’t go for a swim.

And went on a river boat wildlife cruise on the Daintree River.


The is the dominate male in the area. He has numerous females in his territory. I am amazed how many crocs are in the area. We saw four in about one kilometer of river.


Our fellow passenges for the wildlife tour up the Daintree River. The boat was power by electric motor and was able to get close to the crocs and other wildlife.


I hope he doesn’t try this with a real one.

Wildlife spotting failure of the week

Alec and I were following the grandparents in the hire car though the Daintree on our way to Cape Tribulation, admiring the rainforest as we went.

We came across a car stopped in the left hand lane with the hazards lights flashing. The grandparents drove slowly around them and continued on. Me being a good Samaritan, stopped to make sure everything was alright. I slowly drove up to the vehicle and wound down the left hand window. As I was asking the couple in the car “ is everything ok “ I notice both were holding camera’s. “There is cassowary” the couple replied as they pointed though my car to the right hand side of the road. I turn my head and sure enough their was a real live wild cassowary with a chick. I quickly apologised for blocking their view and drove on.

It turns out none of the grandparents saw the Cassowary as they drove past and well I can’t really say I did much better. However, thanks to the random traveler’s that stop in the middle of the road I got to see my first wild cassowary.

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