IMG_0264The third and final week with the family was spent in Cooktown. Our travelling companions changed again. Peta’s parents left and my brother joined us.

The reason behind moving to Cooktown is to give my parents a little taste of Cape York. The hire car that was used for the last few weeks was swapped for a large SUV. Much better suited to travel unsealed roads.

The plan was to travel to Cooktown via the Bloomfield track. This is a four wheel drive only road that followers the coast though the Daintree national park.

However the recent rains changed this plan. Yes I know, should of expected it. I think I might change the name of this blog to

                                         Travel plans with the Kethel boys.

                                                     Making plans then changing them.

I did a short reconnaissance drive to the first creek crossing when we were at Cape Tribulation. The road conditions were good but the first creek crossing wasn’t that great. The water from the recent rain had gouged out a section on the exit. The mav didn’t have a problem, however the hire car with it’s relative low clearance would find it difficult. So we made the decision to travel the bitumen way around to Cooktown.


Which way to go? Right looks like fun.


We stopped for a lunch break at a look out along the way.

Once in Cooktown and settled into our new digs. For Alec and I it was the same digs just different place. We worked out a plan for the following week. At least the weather had cleared up.

The first day we stayed in town and visited the lookout and the botanic gardens. Mum, Dad and David went to the James Cook Museum. I decided to give it a miss. I have been before and Alec was due for a nap. Actually so was I.


The famous Endeavour River where Caption Cook repaired his tinnie.


Alec looking out over Cooktown.


We all had a play on the musical ship. This is located along the foreshore in Cooktown.


Alec and David making music…I think.


Alec and Uncle David learning all about the local plants.

The second day we planned to drive to Lakefield National Park. Driving a loop via Battle Camp Road, then on to Laure and back by the Peninsula Developmental Road. However, yes you guess it, this did not happen. Either I didn’t read the road report correctly or the Cook Shire changed it the last minute. We got a couple kilometre’s north of Isabella Falls and had to turn around. So we decided to go have a look at the Bloomfield Falls instead. The drive to the Bloomfield Falls is the top half of the Bloomfield track. Over the last couple years the road has been sealed all the way to the falls.


My mother being over protective of Alec as usual. Nothing wrong with water falls. I fall down them all the time.


The causeway at Isabella Falls. The falls are behind me. Hard to get a photo unless you climb down. No easy way to do this.


The famous Lion Den Hotel on the Bloomfield track.


The inside of the lions Den Hotel. Some cupboards would be handy. 


The Bloomfield falls were amazing with all the recent rain.


Peta and I at the Bloomfield falls in 2011. I wanted to get a pic of Alec in front of the falls. But with the amount of water flowing down it was to dangerous to get close enough for a good picture.


We stopped at the unique Black mountain. 


It hard to get a good photo that really shows how awesome Black Mountain is. I don’t think the Toyoto in the photo helps. 

The 3rd day was a rest day. Which Alec and I really needed. When I say rest day, I really mean doing three loads of washing.

The fourth day we drove to Lakefield National Park. Going around to Laure via the Peninsula Developmental Road. It is now sealed all the way to Laura. Cape York is slowly becoming civilised.


We all piled in the rental car. I got to sit in the back seat. It was good not having to drive.


We visited the Split Rock Aboriginal art near Laura.

New Pictures 505-2

Peta in 2009.


The Red Lily Lagoon. Unfortunately they weren’t in flower.

With our travel companions leaving us. It was now time for Alec and myself to prepare for our time up in the remote Cape York. Cannot wait.

Oh bugger moment of the week.

We were travelling on dirt road for about 5mins for the first time with my Parents and David, who were traveling behind us in the rental car. Another four wheel drive came past and “crack” a stone hit my windscreen and made a small chip.

Once at Isabeela falls I found out the hire car received the same treatment. But the result much worse. Over the next couple of days the crack would spread half way across the windscreen.

In the two previous trips to Cape York, I never once got a cracked windscreen. I guess that sums up Cape York. Any thing can happen and it most likely will. Welcome to  Australian’s last frontier.IMG_2208

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