Eungella and Molongle Creek

After our rest we were ready for some more adventures. As we continued travelling north our next stop was almost the complete opposite to Clairview. We headed in to the mountains chasing the shy and elusive platypus.IMG_0258

Eungella national park is 80km west of Mackay and is famous for the platypus population that lives in the creeks. We got away from Clairview early and made good time. Bypassing Mackay completely, and taking some back roads. Traveling past rows of sugar cane ready to be cut.


As we got closer to Mackay the sugar cane started to appear.

Eungella national park is is part of the Clarke range, rising up to a height of around 1200 metres above see level. The drive up is very steep with a lot of corners, and for us very slow. The Mav doesn’t like hills especially when pulling a 2 ton camper trailer. But it did gives us time to take in the amazing view.


I do love a good warning sign. 


One of the many corners on the climb up.


If you ever wondered how the mav goes up a steep hills with camper on. Well this will give you a clue. Slowly.

We stayed two days and camped in the national park campground, located only a short walk to the platypus viewing area.


Our camp. There is a small dairy farm behind us.


The elusive Platypus. We actually saw a few over our stay.


The not so elusive turtle. Alec loves these little fellows.


We did a small bush walk.


It was little chilly. Had to break out the winter clothes.


This is the view from the Eungella chalet. Well worth a  stop for the view alone. The scones weren’t bad either.


Yes you did see a ramp in the last picture. Any one care to strap on some wings and have a go.

When it was time to leave we headed back to the coast and traveled north again. I original wanted to travel inland a little more and do a wide arch to Townsville. But I was low on food, water and nappies so decided to do the safe option a stay on the coast. I am glad we did. Our next stop was only meant to be a over nighter but ended up staying 2 nights.IMG_0259

Molongle creek caravan park was our next stop. We really only found this place by random chance. I had no idea where we would be stopping between Eungella and Townsville. I just knew we wouldn’t make it in one day.

After a couple hours of driving we stopped for lunch and I did some research on what our options were for the night. I found Molongle caravan park in a camping app I have on my phone. It was only 40km away and it didn’t get any bad reviews. Perfect.

What we found was a amazing little place with a interesting story behind it. The Molongle Creek Caravan Park in owned and run by the Molongle creek boat club. The club has been operating for over 50 years. The remarkable part is that over the the years the club has had to do major earth works and dredging to keep boat access open. A channel was developed in recent times to try and gain all tide access. This access point is vital for the residents of Cape upstart. Even though it is part on the main land is only assessable by boat. This has been done with very little financial help from government.


The end of the channel with the boat ramp. 


Molongle creek on the left the channel on the right. The channel has to be dredged regularly to keep it open.


One of the pieces equipment used for the dredging.


Not many boat clubs own a Bulldozer.


A resident trying to catch some prawns. I say trying, because he didn’t get any.

After a relaxing couple of days we headed to Townsville, where we did something a little different.

Caretakers of the week.

Many  caravan parks are run by caretakers. Molongle caravan park has Paul and Claire as caretakers. From the time we arrived to the time we left Paul and Claire made us feel welcome. They especially toke to Alec. Thank you for making our stay great.


Alec got spoilt. A popper, biscuit and the telly on. I only went to the office to pay for another days stay.


Alec got a play on Pauls mower. 

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