Blacktown Tableland National Park


We left Cania gorge and continued heading north with the intention of getting to the Blackdown tableland national park. But just like our last big trip we didn’t get to our planed destination. Instead  we spent the night in the town of Dingo. I really need to plan our days better.

The town of dingo is on the Capricorn highway. Only 50km away from the town of Blackwater the coal capital of Queensland.
I can’t really recommend the Dingo Caravan park. Not really a holiday park. The park was a bit rough and was more of a workers camp, with a number of portable buildings containing single mens accommodation and few permanent resistants located in the park.

It was also bit noisey as the road that continues north to a major mining area and a back way to Mackay went right past the park. We had a constant stream of some of the biggest truck in the country driving right past us. Alec loved it and was constantly pointing out the trucks. I must admit I enjoyed it a little to.


I am standing next to the camper taking this photo. One of the many trucks that passed. This one a oversize load. But most were road trains.

In all our overnight stay at dingo wasn’t bad but not a place to chill and relax. I do however give a thumbs up to the Dingo pub, which did a great meal and even opened the kitchen a touch early for us.


Good no nonsense pub meals. No fancy lawn grass on this plate.

The follow day we hit the road again and traveled the short distant to the Blackdown tableland national park. National parks advise not to take heavy trailers or caravans up to the tableland, as the road is steep in parts. I did some researched before leaving and found that my trailer would be fine. I guess it comes down to tailer and car combination.


The tablelands rising up above the surrounding country side.

I had never been to Blackdown national park before. The only reason it caught my attention, is that a number of years ago I was driving to Emerald for work and I remember see the cliff faces in the distant. I always wonder what was out there. I’m glad I had a look.

At fist glance the park doesn’t really seem to offer much more than some great views and some bush camping. It’s wasn’t until we went on the 2 km Gudda Gumoo gorge walk and saw the rainbow falls that I really fell in love with this place.


The views were worth the drive. Looking back over at another section of the park.


Glad we got a warning.


Just some of the stairs. And yes I carried Alec down and up them.


I do love a unexpected discovery like this.


I can’t believe these falls aren’t better known. Not much of a mention even in the national parks info.


Alec having a play.


Yes of course he went for a wade. Turned my head for 2 secs.

We only stayed 2 nights. I found the camping a little stressful. The camp ground was on dirt, didn’t have any space to put the awning up and we had a bird problem.


I love national parks. But hate how they plan the camp grounds. Why restrict the site to such a small area.


Our bird problem. These Currawong’s would grab your food as soon as you turn your back. At one stage I counted six  waiting in the trees around us. 


Even look nasty. I can image meeting one in a dark alleyway. Give me you money or I’ll cut you.


On the other hand these fellows didn’t cause a problem at all. In fact this one seemed to pose for the camera.


I gave up trying to keep Alec clean.


How about I give you a nice juicy pear, to really stick the dirt to you.


County town moment of the week.

To the small towns off the major highways. You are all awesome. As you might of noticed we are often getting off the highways and taking some lessor know routes. We are constantly coming across these little dots on the map and being pleasantly surprised. The one thing that I love is you can often stop right next to the park. Which make my life easy when trying to juggle a two year old that’d been in the car for a couple of hours and also trying to make some lunch. Much better than trying to lug everything from a carpark hundreds of metres aways.


Our lunch stop on the way to Dingo. I think it was the town Goovigen. As you can see I was able to pull out the camper kitchen to make lunch right next to the park.

In this case there was also free camping at the show ground next to the park. A council worker stopped by and asked if I was looking for somewhere to stay the night. He also mention a couple of other small towns in the Banana shire had the same deal. It was very tempting.




2 thoughts on “Blacktown Tableland National Park

  1. Karen Mitchell

    Great stories and photos, Peter. Both you and Alec look to be having a great time.Keep the blog happening as it is a great way to keep up with you two and your adventures.



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