Easter 2016 Jondaryan Woolshed




Now easter had been planned for some time. It was one of only a handful of places that I have booked ahead of time. If you have ever camped at easter, then you will know that it’s a extremely busy time of year and you definitely have to book in advance. Some places 12 months ahead. This was the reason we went to Fraser island when we did. The original plan was to go when we started heading north. Fraser Island during Easter and school holidays. Not going to happen. I hate crowds at the best of times.

So the decision was to find somewhere a little west. Get away from the coast and hopefully away from the crowds. At least during the school holiday period.

We ended up at the Woolshed at Jondaryan, west of Toowoomba. This historic centre puts on a great easter weekend. With displays and activities to keep all the family amused.


Lunch in Toowoomba. Picnic point is a favourite spot of mine when in Toowoomba. It has a amazing view.

We arrived on the Thursday before easter. Luckily we did. Most of the prime camp sites along the creek already taken. The next day the camp grounds quickly filled up. I have never seen so many campers in one place. I had trouble keeping a spot for Alec’s grandparents and auntie who were spending the weekend with us. Parking the mav in the spot was the only way to stop everyone eyeing it off.


Just a couple of campers. Thats not everyone. I would need a wide angle lens to get everyone in the shot and thats only the non powered area. At least another 30 caravans in the powered section.


I must smell. Everyone pack up and went after easter. Thats us, the speck under the trees left of the centre in the photo.

We all had a fun easter. Spending the days looking around the historic buildings and machinery. As well as doing some of the activities.


Every little boy loves sitting on a tractor


Some of the old gear on display. I don’t know why that new Landrover was parked on the right. Oh wait that a old one. My Bad.


This old steam engine was up a running.


I have already put Alec to work. The pay is good but the hours long.


The driver let Alec sit in the driver’s seat while waiting for people to get on. Alec wasn’t so happy when we got going. To much noise.


Horse and cart went all weekend. It was very popular.


The grandparents enjoyed the horse and cart ride as much as Alec did.


Alec loves horses now. 


Alec would of been handy when this was needed.

One of my favourite activity’s was the damper making. This was a extra cost and had to be booked in advanced. Everyone was rostered on some time over the weekend to attended a class.

Oh course Alec got spoilt on easter Sunday.



Even got to meet the easter bunny. I am glad I wasn’t in that suit. It was a 30 degree day.

As a camping experience the busy easter long weekend is not always a great time to go. However at Jondaryan it wasn’t that bad and I take my hat off to the organisers.
I was told it was the biggest easter they’ve had, but still managed to keep the toilets clean and the bins empty. Which few places I have been can not achieve that. The atmosphere was great and very family friendly. There was a distinct lack of bogan behaviour that I have seen elsewhere on long weekend events.

We made friends with our fellow campers around us. Each others kids wandering between camps and all playing together. Alec as usual making himself at home at any camp with food. Apparently I never feed him.


The kids playing with glow sticks.

Once easter was over I decided to stay at Jondaryan a little longer. Both Alec and I needed a couple days rest. I also had some car parts getting shipped to me that didn’t get to Brisbane in time before we left home. This required a trip into Toowoomba. Then day spent in Oakey while the Mav to got a service and the new parts fitted.

There is not a lot to do in Oakey. We did find the local library. Which Alec spent the whole time pulling random books off the shelves, we didn’t stay long. Had a play in a park, a walk along Oakey creek and watched a coal train pass though town. After lunch Alec fell asleep in the pram and I spent the next 1 1/2 hours walking around town. I have now seen a good portion of the Oakey, maybe too much.


Still managed to find a baby chino in Oakey.


It was a pleasant walk along Oakey creek.

We ended up spending 11 days at the Jondaryan woolshed. With easter taking up 4 of those days. Between doing choirs the other 6 days we did manage a bit of fun.We had a paddle in the creek a couple of short bike rides around the historic village and just spent time chilling.


Have I mentioned Alec loves the water.

We also went on two unplanned drives so Alec could have nap. It was hot during the day and we didn’t have the camper under shade. The first trip we drove out to the Cecil Plains township and through the Kumbarrilla State forest. Cecil plains is large broad acre cropping area and was interesting looking at the crops and machinery.




Lots of cotton in the area.


We stopped on the side of the road as the header was coming toward us down the row. Alec was fine till it got closer and turned around right in front of us.



Alec wasn’t to fussed with having a look at this one after the header experience. I was excited however.

The second day trip was up to bunya mountains. We pretty much drove up, had some afternoon tea and drove back down. It’s a lovely drive and a good place to escape the heat. We will have to explore the area more. But not this trip. Being so close to home we can this another time.

Eventually we packed up the camper and started heading north. The open road and no plans ahead of us.


Scary moment of the week

Alec had a unplanned swim in the creek. He was busy throwing sticks in the creek and I was in the process of rousing on him to get away from the edge. I was walking towards him to pull him back when he fell in. It was a couple feet drop into the water. I jumped in and rescued him. He had little cry mostly from the shock. Then to my amazement wanted to go back in.
End result a wet but perfectly fine Alec. A half wet dad that was pretty much recovering from a mini heart attack and one damaged iPhone. Luckily the phone was able to be repaired in Toowoomba.

Photo of the week


Alec slept the entire time during the damper making class. He did however enjoy the end product.

Town/City of the week.

A big thumbs up to Toowoomba. Not only is it a lovely city but it has the best play grounds. The pic below is a interactive activity board. Alec liked the lights and cool noises. I had fun playing the variety of games.

This wasn’t the only play ground we came across. We found one in a shopping centre with large touch screens with games.


The four round bits on the pillars are buttons that light up. The games revolve around the lighting of the buttons in a sequence  depending on the game. You have the option of a one or two player games.


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