Alec’s Birthday

We traveled from Bellingen to Brisbane with out a overnight stop over. It was the biggest days travel we had done.

Because we were going home there would be no camper setup once at our destination. Allowing us to have a big travel day. I had also organised my parents to have dinner ready for us. Fair payment for accommodation I think.
Our trip home went well. Nothing exciting really. We did gain our hour back. So glad to be back in Queensland and have the correct time.

The reason we are back home is there is a very special little man that has a birthday to celebrate. Yes, Alec is turning two. Where has the time gone.


Alec getting a haircut with help from Grandma. You have to look your best on your birthday.




Blowing out the candles with help from Dad.


Alec showing Uncle Wayne how to use the sand pit.


Having fun opening presents.


Where is a Alec?


There he is.


Dad loves the noisy toys.


Thats a good book.

We had 2 weeks at home. In that time I didn’t have a spare minute. In between a birthday party to organise and catching up with family and friends. I was busy getting ready for the next stage of our trip. Unlike our first departure where I knew we would be home in 5 weeks. This time I was packing for a extended time away. As well as preparing to travel in some more remote parts of the country.

A big thank you to everyone that helped and attended Alec’s Birthday. You all made it a great day.
I big thank you to Alec’s favourite Aunty for the cake and decorations.

With Birthday party over and all packed again. We were both keen to hit the road again. Easter long weekend here we come.

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