Port Macquarie and Worm Farm

I am going to confuse everyone and skip our stay at Bellingen. The reason behind this is I ran out of time to do all the things I wanted. I plan to stay in Bellingen again after our stay in Port Macquarie. I will do one post for the two stays.


From Bellingen we went on to Port Macquarie. It’s been that long ago since I have been to Port Macquarie. I might as well say I have never been. If my memory serves me correctly. I was around 10 years old on a family holiday. Certainly Peta and I had never visited Port Macquarie together. This is going to be a place for Alec and myself to discover. A mates wedding was the reason we come this far south.

Friends from Brisbane also travelled down for the wedding and a Uncle and Aunt offered to baby sit Alec while I attended the wedding. We all stayed at the Flinders Beach Caravan park.


Matching camper trailer’s and four wheel drives. No wonder we are good friends.

The trip down went well. Got away at a decent hour and made it to Port Macquarie by lunch. The going a little slow due to roads works. Which didn’t bother me as Alec was fast asleep. A lot of work is being done on this section of the highway. Soon it will be all duel carriage way.

I had booked for 5 nights. However I had to extend our stay a night because I broke my bike. The repairs would not be completed in time.

I was keen to go for a ride and explore on our first day in Port Macquarie. We had only just left camp when the bike broke. I had walk the bike back. Alec wasn’t impressed and was a little upset when I got him off the bike. Note to self if the gear change doesn’t work. Kicking it doesn’t help.


Yep it broken. Thats not really the words I used when it happen.

We had a lot of time in Port Macquarie but we didn’t get a lot of time to explore. We had washing and shopping to do. Oh course, find a bike shop. We did manage to go on a rain forest boardwalk at the Sea Acres National Park. It’s a 1.3km walk which didn’t take that long. We spent more time at the cafe eating yummy’s. I think we earned it.


Alec loves the cafe lifestyle.

Of course we did manage a beach swim.



Port Macquarie wasn’t a big adventure as some other places we had visited but it was nice to catch up with friends, relatives and help celebrate a mates wedding. Now I know what there is to see and do we will have to come back. Oh I guess I better visit my mate and his new wife.

I was keen to leave the hustle and bustle of Port Macquarie and find a place to chill for a couple of days. I had already decide to return to Bellingen but not straight away. We had some time up our sleeves. In deciding on our next stay three things came apparent. I didn’t really want to go on the highway again, I had never explored the area west of port Macquarie and we were not far away from the Slim Dusty centre. So a plan was formed.


Now I know what you thinking. Slim Dusty? That doesn’t sound like Peter. And you are correct. I am not a fan of country music or of Slim Dusty. However I do respect Slim as a great Australian icon. However the main reason on going is that Alec’s Grandfather is a fan. So I thought I better stop and have a look. Maybe get a couple of photo’s for grandad with his favourite grandson at the Slim Dusty centre.


Alec enjoying his time at the Slim Dusty Centre

The centre is just out of Kempsey on the highway heading south. We visited on our way to our next camp. It wasn’t that bad. Very well put together and if you are into Australian bush history it’s the place for you. We really didn’t fit in the correct age group. I don’t think many prams get pushed around the place. More likely wheel chairs.


The famous purple Ford and caravan Slim used to travel the country in.

After quick stop in Kempsey we headed west.

Our next camp was on a property that had a small scale worm farm. Intune Earth Worm Farm. The owners had set aside a small section of land next to a dam for camping. It was a wonderful little spot. It was basic camp site. A small camp kitchen shelter, a canoe that could be used on the dam and a worm composting toilet. The toilet was worm a fill bucket under plastic chair with a hole cut into it.


Basic, but it worked. You covered you poo with hay after each use.

The owners, Warren and Roslyn are lovely people and we got a tour of the worm operation as well as a cuppa. Warren even came down one afternoon with beers.

For all you worm needs.


Do you have worms.


These boxes are full of worms. They are fed mostly cow poo.


Warren and his worms.

We stayed for 2 days. Most the time bumming around camp. We did go for a drive on the first afternoon and a walk the second morning. It was good to stop and relax. It was so peaceful.


The lovely little dam.


Alec having a play.



The first 2 nights this lovely fellow decided to have a feed of pine corns above our camp.


The resulting mess.

Once on our way again we decided to take the back roads to Bellingen. On our way we passed through Slim Dusty county and had to stop at the famous pub with no beer at Taylor’s arm.


The green line is the route we toke from the worm farm to Bellingen.


It does have beer now.


Had to have a play in the cubby with no cordial.









A pub lunch always goes down well.

We drove on country lanes and forestry roads as we headed north to Bellingen. It is really pretty county.


Some of the road that toke us to Bellingen

We found a great look out. I bit of a drive up but well worth it.


The view was amazing


All look outs should have a tower like this.

Our trip slightly longer than intended by a road being closed and of course the occasional wrong turn. We made it to Bellingen with out any major dramas and got to see some amazing country that you miss when on the freeways.


Stupid thing of the week.

You guessed it breaking my bike.

Cool thing of the week.

Having a poo in a bucket of worms.


I really like this photo of Alec. It’s a failed selfey. Which I cropped.  


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