Pebbly Beach


Our next camp was a place I have wanted to stay for a long time. Pebbly beach, in the Yuraygir national park. Peta and I had visited the park a number times but had always stayed in the little sea side town of Red Rock just a little further south.

Holidays 2007 015

Peta 2007


Alec and I 2016

Holidays 2007 016

Peta 2007


Alec and I 2016

Yuraygir national park covers a fair chunk of coast line, beginning just south of Yamba and extending 65km south to Red Rock. Pebbly Beach camp ground is in the southern end of the park. To get there you turn off the highway almost exactly halfway between Grafton and Coffs Harbour, drive through a state forest, down a beach and across a tidal creek.


Just like Fraser island the tide played a major part in our travel plans. The day we left for Pebbly beach high tide was around mid day. Not the best timing. However if we got going early we should get across before full high tide. It was only 120km trip after all.

Plans are only good if you stick to them. We didn’t even start on time. Alec and I both slept in. By the time we had packed up and farewelled our new found friends it was mid morning.

After short drive down the Pacific highway, we turn off into a state forest. Drove though the forest and into the national park with no problems. We stop and had lunch at the  station creek camp ground before we headed down the beach.

We arrived at the creek crossing right on the high tide. Looks like we were in for a wait. For the next 4 hours Alec and I played and swam in the creek.


I found out the best way to cross the creek. Some locals were happy to offer advice. It’s a popular spot for a day out with the family. One guy was keen to talk four wheel drives, as he had the same car as me. Although it did have a diesel V8 engine conversion done. Just a touch jealous.

Eventually the tide was low enough to cross. Still not a full low tide but the water shallow enough to cross. Years gone past I had always drove straight across. However due to the natural movement of sand that part of the creek is little deep these days. Now the safest option is to drive up along the bank a couple hundred metres, then cross and drive back to the exit. This we did no problem.

Finally we made it.. Ahh not quite. Just before we got to the camp grounds the track was blocked by a on going vehicle recovery. A four wheel drive was being winch off the beach. The vehicle doing the recovering was on the track to the camp ground. Another 10 min wait before we could continue.


I don’t even think he should of been driving on this part of the beach.

I have no idea what happen but by the smell, the car that was stuck it will need a new clutch. It also had a terrible metal on metal scraping sound when driving. That’s going to be a expensive trip to the beach.

We did eventually set up camp. I chose one right on the beach. For the next 3 days we didn’t do a lot. The first day the only time we left camp was to go to the loo.


Not a bad spot I reckon.


Why go anywhere when this is the view from camp. Looking north.


Looking South

The second day we found a shady spot a spent the afternoon on the beach.


Most likely asking me  “whats that? “. If you look closely you can spot our camp in the distant.


Having a play in the waves.


Alec loves his bucket and spade set. At one stage it was my job to go get water for him in the little square container.

The third day we went for a morning hike. Not to far. We found cubby house and Alec explored the rock pools.


I can’t keep Alec out of the water.


Nice place for a cubby house.

It was just so hard to get motivated to actually do anything. We had water views from camp, plenty of food. I soft bed to have nap in, books to read, time to just have a play and very few people to disturb the peace. Alec seem content to just hang around camp as much as I was. I think we were both in need of a well earned rest.


I taught Alec how to blow bubbles. He did have the wrong end in his month once.LOL


We also played with play doe.

It came time to leave and luckily the tide worked in our favour. Low tide was at midday. I slowly packed up and by 10 o’clock we were ready. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to cross the creek that early. But to my surprise the water level was lower then when we arrived.

Another guy in a old yellow Toyota troop carrier was at the creek crossing not sure if it was low enough to cross. He didn’t know about the easy way. I went first then as agreed I hung around till he was across. I crossed with out problem but to my surprise the guy in the Toyota decided to go straight across. He made it fine, a bit of water in the cab mind you. He was hardly concern. Made for a good couple of pics.


Drive down into the creek.


Crossing down stream.


Thats one way to do it.

We said our bye’s and continued on our way. Our next stop, a very familiar place.


Stupid thing of the week.

Try to remember bacon isn’t cooked. Before you put it in the scrambled eggs.



A touch proud of this shot.

5 thoughts on “Pebbly Beach

  1. Phil Ashley-Brown

    Hey Pete we met you and Alec at Port Macq on the weekend. We were the people in the Lifestyle camper next door who used a frying pan to knOck in pegs til you saved us. I’ve read the blog and looked at all the photos. You’ve certainly had some adventures so far and it really is a very special thing you’re doing. I really wish the best for you in this trip which I’m sure will have a mix of amazing beautiful times and tough moments too. Hope it goes well, I’ll keep following because it’s great to see where you are – your trip has already sparked some ideas for us. Thanks for lending the hammer! I got a quote from lifestyle for a stone guard and they’re making them out of aluminium checker plate for $500 including mud flaps..,bit rich I reckon. What do you reckon about checker plate for a stone guard? Any away great to meet you both…safe travels, Phil


    1. kethelboysadventures Post author

      Hi Phil. I am glad you like the blog.
      I not so sure about the checker plate. Seems a bit of a overkill.
      I did a goggle search. I lot of the caravan parts mobs sell them. Also try some of the local camper trailer manufacturers. I saw one from a caravan place for around $250 mark.
      A great place for info is a off road camper forum called my swag. Well worth a look.
      Just one more thing. I find Bunnings a great place to buy hammer’s. 😉



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