Caloundra and Woody Head


After leaving Fraser island we desperately needed to do washing, a restock and a general cleanup.

I decided to change the way we travel a little. I realised that even a short drive with a pack down and set up made it a big tiring day. I also found that Alec didn’t mind being in the car. As long as the wiggles were playing of course. So I have decided to stay less places but stay longer in each place. This will mean we will have longer travel days. But we will have the time afterward to catch up and relax. The less times I have to pack up and setup the better.


Alec often has a sleep in the car. The plush toy is Dingo dog. I got him on Fraser Island. I couldn’t help myself.

So with this in mind I skipped our overnight stay at Inskip Point and continued south to find a place to stay. We stayed for three nights in Caloundra. At the Dickey beach caravan park. This is very nice park with all the amities you could want. Perfect. I little pricey mind you. But like everything in life nothing is free. Just glad we were only staying three nights.

We had a lovely couple of days in Caloundra. We even managed a swim and couple of bike rides in between chores.

Our next stop was Iluka. More specifically the Woody head camp ground. In the Bundjalung National Park. Peta and I had camped Woody head a couple times over the years. It’s a great little spot. The camp ground is run by National parks with designated camping sites with good clean amenities. It is is right on the water. With a choice of surf beaches’s or rock pools on the headland to play and swim in.

The trip down was going to be a real test on our new way to travel. Caloundra to Woody heads is around 350km. We got away early and had a good run though Brisbane and down to the border. Yes it did feel weird driving so close to home.

We had a late morning tea break and a play once over the NSW border. I had trouble finding a park with play equipment. On my map I saw a park not far of the highway with a swing set symbol. When we got to the park their was only a swing set. Well the map wasn’t lying. We didn’t stop long and kept heading south.
Only 1/2 hour up the road Alec was getting restless and making bit of noise. So I decided we might as well find a decent park and stop for some lunch. This daylight savings thing was really throwing out our routine. We ended up at at one those new roadside stopping bays. It had a great park and covered areas to sit down and eat.

After lunch we continue on our way. The only other exciting thing happen was we got to drive through the new tunnel south of the Byron turn off. Which is part of the new section of road that bypasses Ballina.


We spent 3 days at Woody heads. We did the usual swims and beach plays for the first 2 days.


The 3rd day we went for a bike ride into Iluka and rode around the harbour. A 15km bike ride in all. Longest one we have done in a while.

In the afternoon we went for a ferry ride over to Yamba. The ferry takes about 1/2 hour and $16 for a return fare. Alec was free. We only had 1 1/2 hours in Yamba. So we had a play in a park and had some afternoon tea. It was great afternoon out. Well worth the fare.

In all the places we visit Alec is adored and are everyone is always keen to find out about our story. At Woody head we met a number of lovely people. One such group was a gathering of lets say youthful at heart ladies from Ballina, on a weekend camping trip. These delightful ladies become Alec’s Woody head Grandma’s. Alec even got given a couple of books and a bubble maker.

Alec and I sat with them on the headland one afternoon while the sun went down. They toke turns in chasing after Alec while I had a drink with them. Thank you, to the Ballina Beauties for the great afternoon the conversation and and playing with Alec.


We had a great time at Woody Head and could of stayed longer. However the next stop has been on my must do list for a long time.

new photos 142

Peta at Woody head 2008


Same spot 2016

Song of the week.

I don’t have one. Just been listening to wiggles over and over and over. I beginning to think I enjoy them more than Alec. I often find my self singing out load with them. Alec thinks it’s amusing. Especially so when I do the actions.

Gripe of the week.

The cost of NSW National Park camping fees. Yes Woody head is nice. But $32 night. And I still had to pay $1 for showers.

Stupid Moment of the week.


Yes I already had the tent set up. Needed the poles for the awning.

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