Fraser Island part 2

I am glad everyone enjoyed the last post and photo’s.
After a bit of thought, I have decided to elaborate a bit more on the trip to Fraser Island. Not a day to day commentary, just a bit more info that will help everyone understand the trip that Alec and myself had.

What makes this island so unique. Why do thousands of people make the effort to visit the island each year. Fraser is the largest sand island in the world. The island is 120 km long, with about 5 km a bitumen on the entire island. Most at the resort. So for the four wheel driver, it’s great. The main beach has a speed limit of 80km/h. Which can be achieved easily at low tide. Planes even land on the beach.


The speed limit drops down to 40km/h when passing a intersection or a popular stopping point. Like this one at the Maheno wreak.


The airfields on the beach were marked with signs and witches hats.

There is so much to see and do on the island. Lakes, beaches and creeks to swim and play in. Bush walks and many natural landmarks to experience. All in all it the whole package. Something for everyone. Once you step off that ferry the fun begins.

As mentioned in the first post Peta and I had our honey moon on Fraser Island. We didn’t rough it and stayed at the Kingfisher bay resort. We went out exploring during the day and then come back to a comfortable bed and dinner at one of the resort restaurants.

During our time on Fraser we didn’t take many photo’s. Maybe 5 in total. I went looking for them but can’t find them. What I did relies I have is a Fraser island hat. Brought while on our honeymoon. The hat had long been relegated to a house hat. Often worn when mowing the lawn. I never thought much about it, just another hat. Well I guess it’s a little more important to me now.


I wanted to buy Alec a Fraser island hat to match. But I couldn’t find one. Plenty of adult sizes but no kids. So I brought him a shirt instead.


Alec and I went to the resort and had lunch at one of the restaurants. I found it a little hard re-visting the resort. I wasn’t expecting it to be but it was. I thought about it for a number of days. Why this place. Yes it has memories of Peta attached to it. But a lot of places do. The the only thing that I can come up with is, neither Peta or myself and been there before and we never revisit the place again. So there wasn’t any other memories jumbled up together to soften the blow. Having said that I am glad I went back.


Alec makes a good lunch date. As long as he get chips.

The last topic I would like to touch on is the dingo’s.

In 2001 a 9 year old boy was killed by a dingo. The problem arose due to people feeding the dingo’s and lost their fear of humans. Since that indecent the management of the dingo’s and visiter’s to the island had to change.

Now there are very strict rules in place with penalties in place if broken.

Around the camp sites no food or rubbish are to be left out. Not even dirty wash cloths. No bins in the camp sites. The nearest dump point from our camp was a 1km up the beach.

When out and about. Obviously to can’t feed the dingo’s and no eating unless you are in a fence area. And the one that I found the hardest was always keeping your kids close. Within arm’s reach.

I have no problems with these restrictions. After all it’s for you own safety. However it did make it a little less relaxing for me. I am not normally  a helicopter parent. I often let Alec have some space. Letting him wander up the beach by himself or trail behind me as we walk. On Fraser I could not do this. You saw in the first post a photo of Alec playing in the creek in front of camp. Even though it was only a short walk away from camp. I always drove down. If a dingo wanders by we could jump into the safety of the car.


The entrance to our camp site. The creek is behind me.

We could not even go on any bush walks, as it’s recommended that you walk with at least 2 people. I don’t think Alec qualifies as a 2nd person in this case.

Even with the dingo safety rules and the bad weather we had a great time. I am definitely keen to visit again.


Dad Proud Moment of the Week

We had finished a swim at Eli creek and was getting Alec out of his wet clothes beside the creek. When he was nudie Alec says wee wee, walks in to the creek stands with legs apart and proceeds to do a wee.

Dad Whinge For the Week

Why is it when you order a kids meal. The meal comes in a flash ceramic bowl. Kingfisher bay resort that means you, but your not the only one that does this. If you look at the photo above you will see the big bowl that Alec’s meal came in. The bowl didn’t even fit on the high chair table. I put put his food on a napkin. Oh while I am at it. If you are going to give a child salad. Don’t cover it in salad dressing.

Ok I am done now. Got that out of the system.

Song of the week

Wiggles – Rockabye your Bear


Peter and Alec





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