Fraser Island

Welcome to the Kethel’s boys adventures blog. Hopefully this will be the first of many posts about our trip. Thank you for taking the time out of your day and catching up. Hope you enjoy.

As I sit down and start to think about our first week away. My first thought is epic.

We are now staying at a comfortable well laid out caravan park in Caloundra. On the sunshine coast. The last week had been the complete opposite. It seems strange to have concert pathways to walk on and a manicured lawn camp site.

Going to Fraser first on our big trip was not ideal. But I didn’t have a lot of choice, it was the only suitable time in our itirnary.
It’s always hard the first couple of days of a trip away. It takes while to get into the rhythm of travel and to iron out any kinks.
On top of this I was taking a 23 month old to a sand island that is inhabit by wild dingo’s and remote camping where access is determined by the tides. We had extreme weather cycles and the national parks camp ground we were booked into was closed with out notice. Fraser Island hit us with everything it had. We survived, and had a amazing time.

Apart from being a amazing place to visit. There is another reason I was keen for it to be part of our trip. Peta and I had our honey moon on Fraser Island

Our Adventure started like most adventures start. Waking up early and rushing around doing all the last minute jobs that you had left to the last minute and the ones that you had completely forgotten about. Eventually we were ready.


All ready to go.

Our first camp was at Inskip point. The departure point for the ferry across to Fraser island. We toke longer than expected to reach camp.The extemely hot weather slowed us down. The old Mav doesn’t like the heat. Which required me to drive by the Coolant temperature and EGT ( Exhaust gas temp) Gauge. Often having to dropping down a gear or two on hills.


Our first camp. Only just got the camper up and it rained. We did get a beach play in once the rain stopped.

The next morning we got up early to catch the ferry over to Fraser. I wanted to catch low tide for the trip up the beach.


Waiting out turn to board the ferry.

Everything was going to plan. The beach driving was easy on the low tide and we made good time to the township of Eurong. Turned inland and drove into centre station camp ground. This is when I started to panic a touch. All I saw was a locked gate and a camp ground closed sign.

My only other option was the Dundubara Camping ground. About 3/4 of the way up the island. My first thought was the tide and the crossing of Eli Creek. Which can be impassable at times. I quickly turn around and drove back to Eurong. Once back on the beach, we had another 40km of beach driving ahead of us to get to the camp site. Thankfully we had no problems. Eli creek was just a trickle.


Our home for the week.

Over the next 4 days we traveled around the island exploring. The first couple of days were extremely hot. So we spent a lot of time in the car with air con cranking. The last couple of days we had rain. So we spent a lot of time in the car to get out of the rain.

I won’t bore you with every minor detail. I will just show some pics instead.


A swim in Eli creek. We didn’t stay long. We were getting eaten alive by the big March Fly’s


A pic of one of the inland tracks. All very easy going due to the wet weather.


The Maheno ship wreak


One of the many fresh water streams running out to the ocean. This one was in front of the camp ground. Alec would play all day if I let him.


We saw a couple dingos. This one walked up to the car and sat down next to us. Not a care in the world.


I had to be really carefully with Alec. Nat Parks recommend always being within arms length of your child. You are only allowed to eat in fenced areas and no food to be left out at your camp site. Even if it is a fenced site. Like we were.


Miles of beach. We were lucky not many people on the Island.


We managed to get as far north as Ochid beach.


The infamous Indian Head by pass track. Can be difficult to pass due to the soft sand. The old Mav didn’t have a problem.


Having a play in Champagne pools


Champagne pools is a rocky section the waves splash into creating bubbling pools.


More swimming at Lake McKenzie.


Lake McKenzie is a perched lake. Crystal clear.


One cool dude.


Crossing ELi Creek at half tide. The creek constantly changes.


Using the Poyungan Rocks Bypass on the way home. We drove on high tide for a good part of the trip down the beach.


Waiting for the ferry to take us back to the main land.


The ear muffs work well. Alec freaks out with noise of the air compressor in the car. He happily sat in his seat while I aired up all 6 tires.


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